Difficult neck cuff escape


Well, the requests for the neck cuff just keep coming in! I guess you love my new neck cuff as much as I do! It’s great to put on my friends and then just give them the key LOL. But here is a more serious challenge: I cuff my hands behind my back with handcuffs hanging down from the neck cuff. As I try to escape my arms get more and more tired, putting more weight on my neck which really makes it difficult to breathe. Can I free myself before my energy runs out? Be careful, do not try this one at home! Seriously… please don’t.

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Video diary: toe cuffs

Here’s a popular request! Apparently people like to see bare feet and toe cuffs! Well, let me just show you a famous Chrissy escape… not only am I going to get out of the toe cuffs, I’m going to do it with my hands cuffed (tight) behind my back with hinged cuffs! Yes, it’s another stunning feat that I am about to pull off! LOL… okay maybe it is too easy, maybe (just maybe) you are not challenging me enough! But then again, the bare feet people will love this one :-)

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Self hogcuffing and escaping


Here is one of my all time favourite escape tricks! Escaping from a hogcuff can be done in many ways, depending on how much slack there is. This week however, I thought I would try a self hogcuffing first, and then escape my own predicament. It turned out to be quite hard (even the self hogcuffing LOL)! If you are a fan of self cuffing you will have to study this video and the pictures. Do try this at home, but always have someone stand by for an emergency rescue… even if it can be rather embarrassing…

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Video diary: my new neck cuff

I had seen this giant handcuff on other websites. It fits around your neck, so I just HAD to get one! I will demonstrate it in today’s video diary :-) The real escape challenge with these things is you can not see the keyhole, because it is under your chin. In the video I was lucky, the key went straight in. So I tried it again, this time with the keyhole on the other side…
Want to get your own neck cuff? Here’s a shop that sells them: www.steelbound.co.uk.

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Bed escape


Somehow it seemed like a good idea to handcuff my wrists to my bed, use legirons to connect my ankles to the same side, and put the key in front of me. It looks impossible, because when I bend over I can still not pick up the key with my teeth. Picking up the key with my toes is also impossible, because of the leg irons. Can you guess how I escaped? I’m quite resourceful, remember? ;-) This is a fun escape for everyone to try at home! But remember to have someone with you, because if you drop the key, you will be in big trouble!!

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Request: Putting on make up in handcuffs

I love fan requests! I received an email from someone who asked me if I could do my own make up in handcuffs. I don’t typically spend an hour in front of the mirror, so it should not be too difficult to do a simple make up job in my trusty speedcuffs! I hope this is what you wanted to see! If you have any other requests, please email them to me, I love doing stuff for you guys :-)

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Hiatt’s 1960!


A new item in my collection, these lovely Hiatt’s handcuffs! They are from 1960, or maybe the model is called 1960, I don’t know. I will have to look it up! The key is very strange, but that’s good, because I have too many cuffs which open with the universal key (that’s not good for escape challenges, different keys are much more fun!). I made a video and some pictures to show you my new cuffs. As it happens I found an article about handcuffs, which I will read while cuffed in these new restraints.

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Tricking Anahí


Anahí is such a sweet girl. It almost feels wrong to trick her… almost… She keeps asking to do these challenges, because she doesn’t understand why I win almost every time! This time I am really mean to her, but she doesn’t even notice it. I wonder if you can see what tricks I use to win in this (very big) video? I think only the experts out there know what devious things I did to poor Anahí…. but there seem to have a lot of handcuff experts reading my blog, so go ahead… spot my tricks and post them in the comments below! ;) I think I will explain everything to Anahí this week, so we can really do fair matches (which I will still win, of course).

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Video diary: the big race (rematch)

Remember our big race? Anahí lost and had to pay for drinks! But now she wants a rematch, because she thinks I’m not being fair. She says I have more experience. Well… let’s do it! This time, Anahí will escape from one pair of hinged cuffs, and I have to get out of one hinged and one chain pair. We handcuff each other, and I secretly made sure the keyholes were facing away from Anahí’s hands (LOL). Luckily she doesn’t know about this trick, so she put mine on the right way. Let’s see who wins this time!

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Beach volleyball with Leley


Me and Leley went to the beach recently. I brought two pairs of hinged handcuffs, because I really wanted to try playing beach volley in cuffs… LOL! :-) Leley is getting used to doing everything in handcuffs when I am around, I think she was as curious as I was. I picked hinged cuffs, because it would limit our wrists even more. We locked ourselves in the cuffs on the beach and tried to play volleyball. It’s easier than we expected! After a while, we didn’t even realise we were handcuffed. The only thing is… we are not actually very good at volleyball… so the ball just went all over the place. When we had enough, I tried to convince Leley that I didn’t bring any keys… I’m not sure if she believed me, but we spent quite some time sitting around in our cuffs :-)

Note to self: sand and cuffs = not good.

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Finding the key(s)


Me and Anahí thought it would be a great challenge to do a Key Search! We have handcuffed ourselves behind our backs with speedcuffs (stacked of course, thank you fans for pointing that out!). We are also in leg irons. Since the room and the bed are a big mess of clothes and other junk it won’t be easy to find anything, let alone two very small handcuff keys! Well… I’m still not sure if there were two keys in this mess to begin with, we only managed to find one during the video. Can you guess who found it? It might not be the same person who found it when we shot the pictures… :-[

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Video diary: the big race

I think my friend Anahí is really getting used to my hobby now. Every time she comes over we talk about handcuffs, but she still doesn’t have any herself. She has accepted a few handcuff modelling assignments, so I guess she is getting into it ;-) We decided to do a race, to see who can escape from hinged handcuffs fastest (keyholes reversed, of course), the loser pays for drinks! :-) So let’s see if Anahí has learned something! I can’t let her beat me, after all it’s MY hobby and I AM CUFFGIRL!! LOL :-D

2:53 minutes, 1280×720 WMV, 87MB

Leley hogcuffed me… for 2 hours!


I have called her ‘evil Leley’ before, but now I’m starting to think she really IS evil! Here’s what happened: we were doing some pictures on my bed, fooling around, Leley hogcuffed me with chain handcuffs and even cuffed herself to me! All in good fun, but when we decided to do a video, she suddenly used the hinged handcuffs to handcuff me… palms out! That is a very technical term, if you don’t know what it means you should probably go read another blog ;-) She then hogcuffed me, and added thumbcuffs, took the keys, and LEFT ME FOR 2 HOURS! Grrr… But the strangest thing may be: I actually liked it… ;-) Still, I will get my revenge on Leley, trust me!

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Sunset lake swimming


Woooowwww! I’m so impressed with the look of these pictures! I went for a swim at the lake (handcuffed of course), and the pictures turned out to be amazing, because of the great lighting during the sunset! The water was a little cold, but it was well worth it, I really enjoyed my swim! After a while I didn’t even notice my handcuffs anymore, it’s just so natural. I’m sure you will forget about the handcuffs when you see the video clip (which is amazing as well), I think I’m so used to being handcuffed I would only really notice when I am not wearing any… hahahha :-)

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Video diary: demonstrating speedcuffs and thumbcuffs

My friend Anahí is here again to be my lovely assistant for some new handcuff demonstrations. First I show her my favourite pair of handcuffs: the speedcuffs! I lock Anahí’s elbows together in front of her, to show that you can not get out of that, even when you have the key. Next I demonstrate the swing-through cuffing as I have seen the police do… but I didn’t push hard enough on Anahí’s wrist :) So I demonstrated this on my own wrist, since I know I can take more (or blame myself LOL). Finally, I show Anahí my pair of thumbcuffs, but I prefer to call them toe cuffs, since I love them on my big toes. I will use Anahí’s lovely feet to show you how that works! Thank you for watching this educational video, any questions? :)

4:14 minutes, 1280×720 WMV, 127MB

Hurting Anahí

Nah, she wasn’t really hurt :) I tried to demonstrate a speedcuffing technique on her, but I was too careful with her. Check out the video in the side bar, or on YouTube (quick, before they think it’s sexual content again!!). The full video diary (including this blooper) will be up on Friday! Sorry Anahí!!

A relaxing bath after a hard day


Aaaah, some candles and a bath full of foam! Nothing better than to relax after a hard day! I usually take a bath in handcuffs. Yes, I am strange like that, but I like to wear cuffs as much as I can :) Isn’t that bad for the cuffs, I hear you ask. Well, I don’t know. I always use the same pair for bathing and showering, so if anything happens to them it will only cost me 1 pair of cuffs.
By the way: I know the foam isn’t completely covering me in the video LOL, please quit emailing me about that, it’s not that kind of website ;-) Just enjoy and relax, like I did!

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Trying on many many cuffs with Anahí


Ok, here is a request we did especially for a few readers who wanted to see this: trying on as many cuffs as possible! Here to help me is my charming assistant Anahí *grin*, so we can cuff each other and lock ourselves together and (rather important) help each other to get out again! It may look a bit messy, but it was great fun! Please send me more requests!

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A package in the mail…


Ooooooo… ^_^… a package in the mail! A fan of my blog has sent me a pair of handcuffs!! I’m so excited! There’s even a nice letter! I had never seen these handcuffs before, it turns out they are Ralkem cuffs from the Czech republic (correct me if I’m wrong). They are really light, and the key is very strange. They aren’t very good for escape challenges since the key goes in from both sides, but the positive thing is: they fit on my elbows behind my back!! Thanks so much to the guy who sent them to me, I love them! xox

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