Caging Zara

This is the new cage at BondageTimeout where me and Zara work as guards. So we definitely had to try it out ourselves. It was so much fun! The cage is pretty comfortable, you can lie down… until I put this divider in place which splits it up into two separate cages. Now Zara was a lot more confined!

1920×1080 MP4


  • V

    Lovely. I especially like that you’re both barefoot. And I miss Anahi’s anklet, which I adored.

  • davecuffs

    I tried this cage ; it was great; but I was more restrained lol.

  • Capital

    You both are looking gorgeous 😊


  • M

    If I wasn’t in the US, I’d come try this :/

  • STGA

    Zara: “I’m going in here for the sins I don’t even know about.”

    I laughed out loud.

    No comment on Zara: it was the wounded innocence of the tone!

  • Emmanuel Goldstein

    great update

  • Jake

    Anahi barefoot in long jeans and ankle cuffs on her skin outdoor on the run would be great :-)

  • Thank you all for the kind words! M, come over to Europe when stuff clears up and we’ll happily lock you up! :D

    Hahah, STGA, I’m so glad you like my bewildered yet acquiescing commentary when I somehow magically end up locked in/to something by Anahí again… You’d think I’d eventually learn never to trust her around any sort of restraining device…

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