• V

    Lovely. I especially like that you’re both barefoot. And I miss Anahi’s anklet, which I adored.

  • davecuffs

    I tried this cage ; it was great; but I was more restrained lol.

  • Capital

    You both are looking gorgeous 😊


  • M

    If I wasn’t in the US, I’d come try this :/

  • STGA

    Zara: “I’m going in here for the sins I don’t even know about.”

    I laughed out loud.

    No comment on Zara: it was the wounded innocence of the tone!

  • Emmanuel Goldstein

    great update

  • Jake

    Anahi barefoot in long jeans and ankle cuffs on her skin outdoor on the run would be great :-)

  • Thank you all for the kind words! M, come over to Europe when stuff clears up and we’ll happily lock you up! :D

    Hahah, STGA, I’m so glad you like my bewildered yet acquiescing commentary when I somehow magically end up locked in/to something by Anahí again… You’d think I’d eventually learn never to trust her around any sort of restraining device…

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