• STGA

    The world’s easiest lock to pick, even moreso than this:


    (No, not recommending this, but it would be a perfect match.)

    Given that I actually expensed the thing above my work expense account, if I bought these I can imagine the conversation going:

    Me: “It’s to teach people how to…. pick locks. Yes, to pick locks. It’s important.”
    Accounting: “But you already expensed the transparent lock!”
    Me: “But this is SO MUCH BETTER.”
    Accounting: “Why? People could get trapped and be unable to escape. You don’t want that do you?”
    Me: “Ummm…. no. Definitely, no. Let’s go with no.”

  • Don Homan

    What is the founder of cuffgirl.com, Chrissy, doing these days? I see she occasionally replies to a comment. Does she have some connection with bondagetimeout.com? Is she trying to keep Anahi and Zara on the straight and narrow? Inquiring minds want to know.

  • I’m still here, trying to keep Anahi and Zara from getting in trouble. LOL

  • PP

    What do you mean by “trouble”, Chrissy? I assume you drop by every so often just in case they’ve lost a key, right?

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