The medical muzzle

Wow, this is something crazy that Zara came up with: it is a medical muzzle. Now, normally we would probably not feature this on our website, but this one actually LOCKS! It can be locked with 9 or 10 small padlocks, and it can not be removed without a key. It was a very intense feeling, and it is not for everyone! This is a very extreme muzzle!

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  • Snowman

    Looks like fun! Extreme for sure but I tend to like the extreme stuff. I like my restraints strict and inescapable same goes for any other devices I have on like muzzles, blindfolds, chastity etc. Would love to wear something like this, especially in combination with some strict bondage like prisoner transport restraints. Actually found it on Etsy may order one.

  • STGA

    I have never seen Anahi looking so unsure, and Zara looking so amused.

  • sgs

    Anahi needs to do another Segufix video and wear the Medical Muzzle.

  • PP

    I like gags and muzzles; they really enhance the sense of helplessness and vulnerability I’m after with bondage. But you do have to carefully watch somebody who cannot remove one themselves. I’ve never had a problem, but it’s always possible.

  • Marc

    Is the muzzle with a ballgag in the inside?

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