• Jos

    What a great run though. A blog like this lasting over 10 years is incredible. Hats off to you, zara and chrissy.

  • Julian Esteban Colon

    i love to Anahi

  • Nope

    Best of luck in your future endeavors Anahi! Hopefully a couple of new cuff girls can be found to keep the website going.

  • SGS

    Will you still work at “Time Out”?

  • sgs

    Love the arm binder, need to use it more.

  • Website is dead now or?

  • Still works for me?

  • CuffLover

    I believe what Gary means is if there will be any updates in the near future (which we all hope) or if you are planning to stop the blog.

  • DazzA

    Thank you Anahi, for so many fantastic photoshoots, and for having such an open mind for new and fresh ideas. Wishing you the very best of luck for the future :) :*


  • Most of us change theire life, the circumstances an our thinking. nearly every 7 years. You loved it twice this time. We all have seen so many lovely moments that have been perfect been shot at the right moments. Great results, made by a brilliant team!. Wish you tall, and especially you all the best. Shall all of your dreams become reality, even with your l ovely smile :-))

  • James

    I followed this site for quite a long time.You could really tell you put your heart and soul into it.May the rest of your life be filled with joy and happiness.Please whatever happened to Chrissy??

  • franz

    j’adore les femmes avec des sneakers style converse ou et vêtue de latex

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  • Dave G

    The Fiddle under the knees with Anahí has to be one of the best little predicaments! ;-) Wonder how long she was stuck in that situation? : )

  • Kieran Parker

    Some thick diapers would go great with these jackets. (Not for use. Just for wearing. 😋) Would love to see it one of these days!!

  • Francis

    Bonjour , super les tennis style Converse à semelles blanche ( mon fétiche n° 1) encore svp en converse – keds ou plimsoll blanche

  • Franz

    Super des ballerines toile blanche aux pieds

  • PP

    I usually prefer steel, but these are probably a lot less painful to walk in, huh?