Monthly Archives: May 2022

Zara puts me in Segufix

As you all know, Zara works as a guard for the facilities in the Netherlands. Many people have wondered about the Segufix experience there. And today, Zara is going to demonstrate on me how to put someone in Segufix. Of course, in a BondageTimeout booking, she will be much stricter, adding lots more straps (including the head strap), but in case you were in doubt about booking a timeout: watch this video! Zara can be really nice too!

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LIPS for small wrists?

OMG, take all my money! They just invented LIPS (our favorite Dutch handcuffs) for SMALL wrists! The packaging literally says ‘for small wrists’!! LIPS were always our favorite handcuffs, but they are quite big, even for me… and especially for Zara!
So it’s almost like they invented them for us! Thanks LIPS!! We love you!

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Zara cuffed in a body bag

I had a nice surprise for Zara: a body bag! She was very reluctant, but I managed to convince her to let me cuff her and put her inside of this bag! She was like a little worm, so cute! Zara was ankle cuffed and waist chained tightly, so there was no way she could escape. Lots of fun!

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