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Tricking Anahí


Anahí is such a sweet girl. It almost feels wrong to trick her… almost… She keeps asking to do these challenges, because she doesn’t understand why I win almost every time! This time I am really mean to her, but she doesn’t even notice it. I wonder if you can see what tricks I use to win in this (very big) video? I think only the experts out there know what devious things I did to poor Anahí…. but there seem to have a lot of handcuff experts reading my blog, so go ahead… spot my tricks and post them in the comments below! ;) I think I will explain everything to Anahí this week, so we can really do fair matches (which I will still win, of course).

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7:51 minutes, 1280×720 WMV, 237MB

Video diary: the big race (rematch)

Remember our big race? Anahí lost and had to pay for drinks! But now she wants a rematch, because she thinks I’m not being fair. She says I have more experience. Well… let’s do it! This time, Anahí will escape from one pair of hinged cuffs, and I have to get out of one hinged and one chain pair. We handcuff each other, and I secretly made sure the keyholes were facing away from Anahí’s hands (LOL). Luckily she doesn’t know about this trick, so she put mine on the right way. Let’s see who wins this time!

2:57 minutes, 1280×720 WMV, 89MB

Beach volleyball with Leley


Me and Leley went to the beach recently. I brought two pairs of hinged handcuffs, because I really wanted to try playing beach volley in cuffs… LOL! :-) Leley is getting used to doing everything in handcuffs when I am around, I think she was as curious as I was. I picked hinged cuffs, because it would limit our wrists even more. We locked ourselves in the cuffs on the beach and tried to play volleyball. It’s easier than we expected! After a while, we didn’t even realise we were handcuffed. The only thing is… we are not actually very good at volleyball… so the ball just went all over the place. When we had enough, I tried to convince Leley that I didn’t bring any keys… I’m not sure if she believed me, but we spent quite some time sitting around in our cuffs :-)

Note to self: sand and cuffs = not good.

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Finding the key(s)


Me and Anahí thought it would be a great challenge to do a Key Search! We have handcuffed ourselves behind our backs with speedcuffs (stacked of course, thank you fans for pointing that out!). We are also in leg irons. Since the room and the bed are a big mess of clothes and other junk it won’t be easy to find anything, let alone two very small handcuff keys! Well… I’m still not sure if there were two keys in this mess to begin with, we only managed to find one during the video. Can you guess who found it? It might not be the same person who found it when we shot the pictures… :-[

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