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Legjacket? Straitpants?


Look what I got! You are sending me so much stuff to play with :) I love you guys! Most of the time it’s handcuffs of course, but this time I received a very strange parcel. It was very heavy and when I opened it I still did not know what it was, except that it looked pretty. I eventually worked out that it is for my legs, like a mermaid’s tail! I think it is supposed to be used in combination with a straitjacket. It’s a legjacket! Or straitpants? Whatever, it is a very cool restraining item and it feels snug and comfortable! :) I will try to sleep in this!

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Let me show you a trick… oops…

This video did not go entirely as planned. I cuffed my ankles together with a pair of handcuffs, and then I cuffed one wrist overhead to the bathroom radiator. I wanted to mix the key into a basket full of clothes pins, to make it harder to find. But of course, I dropped the key… Was it on purpose? ;-) LOL, well… I hope you can answer that by now. Any way, I can not reach the key, so I have to pick it up with my toes. That’s not too difficult, but getting it into my hand is very hard… remember I cuffed my ankles hahaha… Ooops!

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Video diary: dice game

This is my favorite game at the moment! Rolling a die to see how many handcuffs I have to put on. The maximum is six, obviously. I will put them on and try to get them off again as fast as possible. Unfortunately, I only rolled a five… but don’t worry, I put on six anyway LOL, I just love a good challenge! Maybe someone can tell me how much time it actually took me to get them off, or even better: post a video of you trying to beat my time! Practise, practise, practise! Now… I’m off to buy a die with a six on all sides, this one just doesn’t work for me ;-)

PS: What’s with the blonde hair? I will tell you later :-)

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A really difficult position… not!

I received an email about a -supposedly- very difficult position. I suspected it would be no challenge at all, but just to prove it does not work I have made this little video diary. Nope, it does NOT work LOL… not even close. But it was a nice suggestion, please send in more!! I love doing what you tell me (and proving I can beat any challenge)! This one = big FAIL!!

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