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Another bed challenge


You guys must really love bed challenges! I keep receiving suggestions and ideas for those! Perhaps you just like to see a girl cuffed to the bed? Well, I can escape anything you can come up with :-) This time, I have to lock the key to my ankle using a pair of handcuffs, then use two more pairs (hinged) to lock my wrists to the bed. As you can tell by the video length, this was a hard one, but CuffGirl never gives up LOL! Any more challenges? Use the comments or email me!

65 pictures
12:30 minutes, 640×360 WMV, 185MB

Merry ChrissyMas!


Yeaaah it’s Christmas! I hope you will all receive many gifts (handcuffs, of course), but don’t forget to give something back too (more handcuffs, obviously) LOL :-) I wish you very happy holidays, don’t think about your daily stress, sit back and enjoy this update, drinking hot chocolate and watching me decorate my ChrissyMas tree. I think it is the best tree ever! Merry cuffing!!

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Showering in handcuffs


Here is a question I receive very often: ‘Do you really do everything in handcuffs?’. Well… no… but I can do a lot of things in handcuffs, often without even realising my hands are restrained. I have tried showering in cuffs many times. It’s easy, if you pick cuffs that will not rust ;-) This week, I will demonstrate how I take a quick shower. Try this at home! Just study my pictures and video and you will be a cuffed shower expert in no time LOL!

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Video diary: Indonesian finger cuffs

I just keep receiving cool stuff from fans! So this is how all those sponsored make-up video blog girls feel! Lots of free goodies. In my case, it is great to be able to build my collection. I am just amazed that people want to send me anything. This time I received a pair of Indonesian finger cuffs. Not sure what is Indonesian about them, or if they are actually used by the Indonesian mini police… They are just like miniature handcuffs, and they fit my thumbs perfectly. They will probably fit my big toes too. The best thing about these is that you can attach something to the little chain, which is impossible with regular thumbcuffs. Perfect little toys… oops I am not supposed to say that LOL :-)

3:02 minutes, 1280×720 WMV, 91MB

Arresting situations


Oh. My. God. This has to be the funniest update ever! A fan asked me this week if I could do some role playing, like cops and robbers. My friend Anahí was glad to assist me in acting out some arrest scenarios. But we got a little carried away here, we are (very loudly) accusing each other of some of the most horrible crimes and slamming the handcuffs on each other. We keep reversing roles, whoever has the police hat can do whatever she wants ;-) Of course, it all ends with Anahí refusing to let me out (again)… You have to see the pictures and the hilarious video! You will laugh, I’m sure… be sure to turn down your volume a little though hehehe :-D

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