Monthly Archives: February 2021

Reverse prison uniform challenge!

So we got a fan request to try this strange but intriguing challenge! I’m wearing a prison uniform BACKWARDS, while Zara chains me in a fairly standard prison style configuration: waist chain with blue box and a connector chain to leg irons. Now the key is going to be in my chest pocket, which is now ON MY BACK! Will I be able to escape?! It turned out to be a very frustrating challenge!

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Special guest! Dominique learns about hogcuffs

A very special guest today!! The famous model Dominique will join me today! She knows a lot about chastity belts and metal bondage, but she didn’t know how to actually put someone in a hogcuff. She never cuffed anyone else! So today I will teach her how to use 1 pair of handcuffs and 1 pair of ankle cuffs to make a hogcuff. I will demonstrate it on her and then I will let her try it on me! Fun times!!

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Mitts are evil!

With Chrissy, I did a lot of mitt escape challenges! Or mitten, whatever they are called. We have gotten our hands on (and in) two new pairs of cute mitts and they are amazing! Very restrictive, small, and they lock with a magnetic lock! They have a D-ring, and if you loop your handcuffs through there, it is impossible to get them off without opening the cuffs first. Which is very hard of course!

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