Monthly Archives: January 2021

Zara scares me with her new toy

Zara said she wanted to show me something and it wasn’t handcuffs. So I wasn’t too excited, but I was still curious! She introduced me to this ‘neon wand’, which is VERY crazy. It is a device that can be used to unleash electricity on someone’s skin! It’s quite scary and I don’t like shocks, but I have to admit it is also very exciting. Zara is very experienced with this stuff so I let her demonstrate the device and all of the attachments! Interesting!!!!

1920×1080 MP4

Can I put the butterfly cuffs on myself?

I love doing handcuff research for you! Your question was: can you lock yourself in butterfly handcuffs with no help? That is a great question indeed, and not so simple. These cuffs consist of two separate halves, and you have to keep your hands really close together to slide the big pin in between. But how are you going to do that on your own? Here’s me trying to find out if it’s possible!
Happy New Year!! x

1920×1080 MP4