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The dice game – now with 2 dice!


Do you remember my dice game? I love it when my challenge is random! I throw a die and whatever number comes up is the number of cuffs I have to lock onto myself. But 1 to 6 is not enough for me anymore ;-) I like the odds of 2-12 better! And yes, when the number is too low I secretly reroll until the number is high enough (LOL!). Today I roll a 6 and a 3! Nine cuffs, with all different keys, neck cuffs, thumbcuffs, this will be a hard escape!

49 pictures
5:02 minutes, 1280×720 WMV, 152MB

Video diary: A fast escape update

Okay, so here it is one more time: showing off my skills to escape hinged handcuffs with the keyholes on the wrong side! What is the wrong side? Well, of course there is no wrong side to handcuffs (lol), but people generally mean ‘keyholes facing away from the hands’. This only goes for hinged handcuffs obviously, unlocking chain cuffs is easy and the direction of the keyholes does not even matter.
Because I am so fast, it is a very short update, so I will try to get it listed for only 1 euro. This way everyone can get a chance to see it and try to improve my time!

1:21 minutes, 1280×720 WMV, 41MB

Part 2 of the revenge on Anahí

Here it is: part 2 of my revenge on Anahí!! We are all cuffed up and I decide to add a double neck cuff. I don’t think Anahí has ever tried a neck cuff, so she does not have any experience opening it. You will also notice that I put all the difficult cuffs on her wrists ;-) To make this challenge more interesting, I told Anahí that the loser would pay for all drinks that evening (we were going out later). Am I too evil? Anahí never had a chance… Maybe you feel sorry for her, be warned: she might look cute, but I feel another revenge coming my way!
Warning, this is a big file (long video), if you have trouble downloading it, just email me and I will help!

9:09 minutes, 1280×720 WMV, 275MB

Setting up Anahí – the revenge part 1


Hi everyone, thank you so much for your emails on how to get my dear friend Anahí back for beating me in the hogcuff challenge! In this video, you will see my EVIL plan on setting up Anahí and she does not even know it! I pretend to show her my handcuff collection and I lock some cuffs on myself and on her wrists. But if you know something about cuffs, you will notice I put very hard ones on Anahí and easy ones on myself (muhahhaa). Anahí is so cute and friendly, she believes everything I say… well about handcuffs anyway.
In the pictures, you will see which cuffs we use, but this is not my evil cuffing yet, it is just a bonus. The video clip is part 1 of the real set up ;-) Next week, in part 2, you will see the big revenge video clip! I bet you can’t wait!

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A nice quiet evening at the beach


Okay, this may sound a little strange but I actually like cuffing myself when I’m outside. I went to the beach in the evening when most people had left to just sit there in my handcuffs and leg irons, to catch a few last rays of sun. Please tell me that you do this sometimes, it will make me feel less strange. Who likes being cuffed in public? Or do you just like to see me cuffed?

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