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Irish 8 escape contest


Anahí is now on the site allllll the time :) LOL, I guess she has become a cuff girl too! Maybe I will update the header picture to include her soon, because some of you are really big Anahí fans!
And I agree: it is more fun doing updates when there’s two of us, because we can do contests! Who will get out the fastest today!? Will we get out at all? We are cuffed in the super hard to escape Irish 8 handcuffs. It is almost impossible to get out of them when you are cuffed behind your back, wrists crossed. They are just so tight on us! Who will win? Or will we have to help each other in the end… again… LOL

86 pictures
6:48 minutes, 1280×720 WMV, 204MB

Video diary: Girly cuffs!

This update is only for girls, guys can not read it, and they are definitely not allowed to download the webcam video! Go away, see you next week :)
Me and Anahí discovered these girly cuffs, they are soooo cute and elegant! You can wear them as bracelets, but they are fully functional cuffs with a padlock and little cute keys! They look so good on us! I gave Anahí her own pair so she can wear them at home! You can wear them on both wrists separately or connect them to make them into handcuffs! We are so happy with our girly cuffs, it is about time they made something for us!

4:09 minutes, 1280×720 WMV, 125MB

Some fresh air!

I love to get some fresh air in handcuffs! Especially when there is a little sun :) I went out, cuffed in my favourite handcuffs, the super comfortable Dutch LIPS cuffs, and of course I am cuffed in a stacked position, the official Dutch police way! Watch me enjoying some rays of sun in this cold spring! If you recognise the area, and you want to see me wandering around (mostly in the weekends), just come over and say hi! Don’t be afraid! I’m handcuffed anyway, so I am not that scary ;)

5:38 minutes, 1280×720 WMV, 170MB

10000 possibilities


Something different this time! No keys!! I bought some combination padlocks with 4 digits, and it seemed like a good idea to fiddle each other with the combination known only to the other person. So we start by changing the combination on the padlocks, hiding it from each other, then locking each other in the fiddle with the padlock on top. We now had to guess the combination, in a race to see who gets out first!
The problem was that I did not anticipate it would take so long to go through 10000 combinations! We were in this for a long time. And to make matters worse, I actually forgot what combination I set on Anahi’s fiddle! True story :) Don’t worry, we got out eventually, although it took the better part of the afternoon. Why are we both so stubborn, we just don’t want to give up the combination, we both want to win!!

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Video diary: collared?

I may have made a mistake, but I only realised it after recording this webcam video… Someone sent me a metal collar, which was lovely and smooth. The weight is perfect. It is just a little bit too big :( But I would wear it, or use it in challenges, because it has a nice little ring on the front to attach handcuffs to!
But tell me this: I found out later that it is assumed the person who sent me this collar now owns me!!?? Because I put it on? I don’t think I am ready for that, so please comment to tell me if this is true?!

5:02 minutes, 1280×720 WMV, 151MB