Monthly Archives: December 2015

A Christmas surprise!

Good morning! It is Christmas and I wanted to do something special for you, thanking your for all your views and comments!! I have a surprise box! Me and Anahi were super curious to see what’s inside!! It seemed very heavy, I was hoping there would be lots of cuffs in this box!!!! Lots of random cuffs to cuff ourselves very randomly and have some Xmas fun! Please let me know how you are celebrating Christmas! Did anyone else spend time in cuffs?!

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Space cuffs!

These cuffs are new and they look great, I can guarantee you have never seen anything like this before! They are custom made from a light weight metal and they have padding on the inside! They split into two halves, and they lock with hex screws! The long spreader distance make it super hard to escape from these awesome space cuffs!

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Handcuffed to the wall


This was really dangerous! We were handcuffed to the wall and the key was on the floor! Our arms were falling asleep and were starting to hurt, we had been there for quite a long time! Then Anahí accidentally pushed the key away a little further!! I was so mad! Got thing we were cuffed or I would have hit her! Really! A small mistake like this can make all the difference in an escape challenge! These situations are dangerous, maybe that is why I love it.

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