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Leather handcuffs!

Sure, we love metal above all, but maybe leather cuffs are good too? Me and Zara try out two pairs of leather handcuffs, they seem to be very comfortable, and they can be locked so that’s a good start! Watch the video to hear our comments about these restraints!

1920×1080 MP4

High heel lock!

One of you sent us this pair of high heel locks! Thank you! In this video, you can see us trying this device on our high heels. It’s a strappy thing that padlocks around your ankle and under your shoe, so you can not take your high heels off! High heel bondage training!

1920×1080 MP4

Video diary: flexible steel collar and cuffs

This week we have something really special! We both have a set of cuffs and collar, made of flexible steel. When I say flexible, I mean it is just a little flexible, the metal is still really thick, you can not cut through this! It is just flexible enough to get it onto your wrists or neck.
The wrist cuffs are a bit tight for me, but perfect size for Anahí, and the collars are super comfortable, they are lined with leather, so they don’t feel cold and they are not heavy at all! They have a nice O-ring of course, for attaching your neck to things, or to each other!
Really cool stuff! And it lockable, just the way I like it! Can’t wait to use this in a few challenges!

5:21 minutes, 1280×720 WMV, 207MB

Video diary: pink leather restraints

I have received these really great quality pink leather restraints! Thanks! They are nice, with 2 D-loops instead of one for extra security! With a big padlock, these cuffs are definitely inescapable!
Me and Anahí try them out, and they are very good indeed. Even though you can not really finely adjust them (the holes are spaced evenly but a little further apart than handcuff teeth), we manage to find a perfect fit! We can not get out without using the key! Great stuff, and THEY ARE PINK!!!
I still like handcuffs better, but these pink leather restraints are super comfortable and secure!!

5:18 minutes, 1280×720 WMV, 205MB

Video diary: using a single chain

So I found out that rope sucks for bondage, now me and Anahí had another brilliant idea: use a piece of heavy chain and a padlock as a restraint! Unfortunately, that didn’t work either! Watch this video clip to see how we try every possibility to lock our wrists in the chain, it is simply not secure enough, we can get out every time!
If you have some instructions on how to use chain to make effective handcuffs, please post your own video, or comment below to help us! In the meantime, we are going back to handcuffs! Handcuffs rule!!

5:38 minutes, 1280×720 WMV, 218MB

10000 possibilities


Something different this time! No keys!! I bought some combination padlocks with 4 digits, and it seemed like a good idea to fiddle each other with the combination known only to the other person. So we start by changing the combination on the padlocks, hiding it from each other, then locking each other in the fiddle with the padlock on top. We now had to guess the combination, in a race to see who gets out first!
The problem was that I did not anticipate it would take so long to go through 10000 combinations! We were in this for a long time. And to make matters worse, I actually forgot what combination I set on Anahi’s fiddle! True story :) Don’t worry, we got out eventually, although it took the better part of the afternoon. Why are we both so stubborn, we just don’t want to give up the combination, we both want to win!!

110 pictures
8:47 minutes, 1280×720 WMV, 264MB

Waist chained with Anahí

Remember my new waist chain? It was custom made for girls, it has a much shorter chain so the cuffs are on the sides like they should be. They were sent to me by a fan of this blog, and he was actually kind enough to send two! So now I can enjoy some fun time with Anahí, both locked into a waist chain! I plan to be doing a lot of things together with her in waist chains, but first I will have to introduce them to her, because she did not know I had them.

3:05 minutes, 1280×720 WMV, 93MB

Video diary: thumbcuffs padlocked to handcuffs

This one was requested by a fan! I have to take a pair of regular handcuffs and cuff myself, then use my chain thumbcuffs (so cute!) to cuff my thumbs and padlock both chains together. This will make my thumbs bend towards my wrists, making it hard to handle a key (supposedly).
But hey, I am CuffGirl! It was easy to get out! So me and my lovely assistant (you know who you are!) thought we would give you a second take, this time Anahí put all the keyholes facing away from my fingers!! Harder? You will see!

5:36 minutes, 1280×720 WMV, 167MB

Video diary: the mysterious cuffs

A parcel arrived containing some mysterious looking cuffs. The two halves can be locked together using a tiny padlock. All I know is they are medieval looking and they are probably rare. I don’t think there is a lot of demand for these, so not a lot will be made. Here is a webcam video of me showing you these new cuffs, they are very hard to lock onto yourself!
If anyone knows what type of cuffs this is, or maybe a name for them, please let me know!

4:59 minutes, 1280×720 WMV, 150MB

Handcuff shoulder harness


I love using Anahí as a test person for crazy new cuffings! I think she likes it too, but maybe she is just afraid to say anything ;-) Here is a good one for you to try at home: a handcuff shoulder harness. Totally inescapable, if you do it right. I used two padlocks (one to hang the cuffs from, and the other one to pinch the chain together at the top so it can not be slipped off). If you are mean (like I was in the video), put the cuffs way up high so the victim is even more powerless! ;D *evil*

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4:41 minutes, 1280×720 WMV, 141MB

Video diary: the RigidFiddle

I managed to borrow a RigidFiddle! I wish I could buy one of these, because they are really cool to spend maybe a full day in! Would be very interesting :D But unfortunately, they are very expensive :(
In this webcam vid, I will show you how a RigidFiddle works and how to put one on yourself (which is not easy). I heard there is only one girl in the world who can escape from a fiddle when it is properly locked with a padlock underneath, but I will be practising sooooooooo hard there soon will be two girls in the world who can escape a fiddle! ;)

4:35 minutes, 1280×720 WMV, 138MB

Late night waist chain escape attempt


When Anahí came to visit this week, I suddenly felt like doing a challenge, although it was getting very late. It is always nice to have someone over to chain me up, because then I can do more complex challenges, and (most importantly) someone is there when things go horribly wrong :-) This time I will try to escape from a professional waist chain setup: padlocked waist chain, and blue box around the handcuffs, covering the keyholes.
A big thanks to my lovely assistant Anahí!

72 pictures
7:54 minutes, 1280×720 WMV, 238MB