Monthly Archives: April 2019

Ice Lock: waiting for the key to fall

I didn’t remember anymore why I never used this ice lock that I got from Chrissy so I told Zara that we should try it. Well, then I remembered why it is so annoying. You have to wait AGES until the key unfreezes but it was funny to see Zara’s reaction all pissed off because it was taking too long. As you can see on the previews, she throws her shoe to it and we think of other solutions but at the end, you just have to wait. In cuffs.

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Super heavy collar!

This extreme collar is massive steel and it weighs over 2 kilograms! It has handy attachment points for handcuffs too! We both try on this extremely heavy collar, but it is quite small, so we are worried about getting pinched. It is not easy to close it, there is always some hair, skin, or fabric in the way, but we managed!

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