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Showing Zara my work uniform – part 1

As some of you may know, I work as a studio assistant sometimes, and when I go there I am required to wear a specific uniform for the day. It’s really fun, and I’m used to it, but I have always hesitated telling Zara about it, because she might think it is weird.
Today, I finally show her my very own collar and cuffs. And there is a third part to the uniform… I really didn’t want to tell her about that part, but tune in next week to see if I did find the courage to show her!

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Wall mounted cuffs

Yaaay we found some wall mounted cuffs! It’s a very cool system: you screw a base plate into the wall, and then you can add wrist cuffs, ankle cuffs, or a collar to it! Very easy to use… well… if you know how to use a drill that is :) Looool

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12 kilo chain escape

As Zara put it: ‘so in a never ending spiral of worse and worse ideas, we cuffed ourselves to 12 kilo chains with the key hanging high above us’. Yes, that was really what we did. Fortunately, I am a lot stronger than Zara, she couldn’t even lift the chain. I should have left her there hahahha!!

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Balloon popping with Zara

Here’s a fun fact (or not so fun if your name is Zara): Zara has never in her entire life managed to inflate a balloon! She can’t do it. Feebly blowing into it, that’s all she can manage. I try to teach her the right technique but will she be able to do it? Popping balloons on the other hand, that’s Zara’s specialty! She almost gave me a heart attack! So scary!

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Wrists to elbows with Zara

This is a complicated position with two pairs of hinged cuffs. I have done it before, and I learned it from Chrissy. Now it’s time to show Zara how this position works, and let her try to escape! In the back and in the front! It is really a lot harder than you think!

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Zara gets arrested

I caught Zara shoplifting! She took a lipstick and hid it somewhere, but I am going to find it! Zara will get arrested, cuffed, and thrown in jail! I even figure out a very unique way of cuffing her, so she will not be able to move much!

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Caging Zara

This is the new cage at BondageTimeout where me and Zara work as guards. So we definitely had to try it out ourselves. It was so much fun! The cage is pretty comfortable, you can lie down… until I put this divider in place which splits it up into two separate cages. Now Zara was a lot more confined!

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Zara’s revenge

2 weeks ago I locked Zara up (or well, I made her lock herself up) and now she got back at me! I probably deserve it, but I must confess it is a bit scary when you don’t know when someone is coming back. What if you get hungry? Thirsty? What if you need to pee?! Zara is getting more and more evil!

6:26 minutes, 1920×1080 MP4, 933MB

Zara – spread eagle

Zara is going to be trying the spread eagle position! This is the most helpless position ever, with no chance of escaping. I am curious what she will think of this, will she be scared? She can’t get out without my help, so if I don’t unlock her cuffs she could be stuck here forever!!

3:40 minutes, 1920×1080 MP4, 160MB

First Irish-8 for Zara!

After all these years experimenting with handcuffs I am quite used to the Irish 8 and I love them, because they hold the wrists closer together than any other cuffs! It is so amazing to see how surprised Zara is and how awkward her movements are when putting them on. Also, why not be mean and challenge her already to escape them!? Maybe she will get super good, I need to practice!
Watch the first time of Zara in Irish 8 cuffs!

6:21 minutes, 1920×1080 MP4, 141MB

CuffGirl.com Fan Day 2017

The CuffGirl.com Fan Day 2017 yesterday was a huge success! About 15 people turned up, and there were three models: me (Chrissy), Anahí, and new girl Hannah! We had loads of fun getting to know each other, sharing crazy cuff stories, and drinking coffee and tea. A lot of people brought their cuff collections so we got to play with all kinds of new cuffs (and rope), doing escape challenges and there was even a chain gang! Everyone was so happy, and I think they had a very good day! There were only a few pictures (because none of the fans wanted to be in the pictures) but if you are curious you can download them here :)
Next year we hope to welcome even more people!!

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Some time in a waist chain

I wanted to introduce Hannah to the waist chains, but Chrissy isn’t here and I still have to learn how to use all these cuffs properly. We figured it out, but I made Hannah’s chain too loose. She is very flexible and loves to escape, so next time I need to make it a lot tighter if I want to spend some more time with her in waist chains! It will be fun, I love spending time in these, they are so comfortable!

5:49 minutes, 1280×720 MP4, 564MB

Cuffed Elbows!

Hannah is a very flexible girl, so she needed to get introduced to elbow cuffing as soon as possible! We start with these Dutch police handcuffs, they are so much fun to play with! I show Hannah it is impossible to escape from elbow cuffs, because forearms are too long to reach the keyholes. We are pretty helpless, unless we help each other (never try this on your own). Have you ever been elbow cuffed? Please leave a comment if you have!

5:43 minutes, 1280×720 MP4, 554MB
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