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6 pairs of LIPS handcuffs!


Now here’s an interesting challenge! Anahí locked me into 6 pairs of LIPS handcuffs with the keyholes facing away from my hands!! That’s over 1 kilogram of handcuffs on my wrists! Then she timed how long it would take me to escape from these cuffs!
But there were unexpected problems during the escape! The weight and the width of the 6 cuffs made it impossible to turn my arms in the right direction for an escape, and because they are all hinged, it was not possible to twist them to attempt an escape by holding the key in my mouth! It turned out to be a huge struggle! I really have to practise these heavy escapes some more!

113 pictures
5:12 minutes, 1280×720 WMV, 201MB

Do it yourself: giant padlock handcuffs!

I like to get creative and make my own restraints! This time I found some GIANT padlocks and they gave me a brilliant idea! These padlock actually fit on a girl’s wrists and they are high security (with a key that can not be duplicated)!! So I grabbed Anahí to give you a demonstration how these padlocks can be used to create a pair of handcuffs!
These heavy padlocks look so great on Anahí’s wrists! Really massive and solid! Impossible to escape! I used a pair of thumbcuffs to lock them together, creating the world’s first pair of padlock handcuffs! If you want to get some of these heavy padlocks too, just email me, I know where to get them! :D

4:41 minutes, 1280×720 WMV, 181MB

The key is out of reach


This is one of the best challenges ever! Me and Anahí are in waist chains, with the excess chain locked to our leg irons! The key is dangling just above our heads! We are very restricted in our movements, but I found out that we can even stand up, although the ankle cuffs are pulling down on the waist chain! That prevents me from doing my usual trick (sliding the waist chain up for more reach), and it even hurts to stand up straight, so we can only stand up for a short time, and we can not stand straight.
But we have more tricks up our sleeves! What if Anahí steps on me to get the key? Or can we use our mouth to undo the key from the snap hook? Or maybe we can do a genuine circus act where I balance on Anahí’s back? Don’t try any circus acts at home please, not when you are chained up like this. We are trained professionals :D LOL

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Rope is bad

Rope! A lot of fans email me about rope! But I don’t like rope, as you may expect. Rope is escapable, and cuffs are not (if you don’t have the key). Rope is too flexible, too unsecure for me!
In this update I will explain why rope is no good. I will show you how to do a wrist tie, and how easily it can be escaped (try that with handcuffs!). My lovely assistant Anahí came to my place this morning to help me demonstrate why we do not like rope. Maybe I’m doing something wrong, because a lot of people seem to like it, but hey… I’m not RopeGirl… I’m CuffGirl! :D Whahaha lol!

4:46 minutes, 1280×720 WMV, 184MB