Monthly Archives: December 2018

Happy holidays challenge!

You must watch this! Not only Zara looks adorable, but it was really a challenge to be elbow cuffed to each other. Do you know that feeling when you really want to reach the keyhole but you just can’t get even close? We had that feeling this time, usually I think it will just take time but now we were really struggling to figure out what to do. I believe that the elbow cuff position is the most difficult one. The good thing is that we were together :)

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LIPS elbow cuffing practise

We have to practice a lot as CuffGirls! Elbow cuffing is an important part of the training of course, which I have done very often (I have even been elbow cuffed by fans!), but Zara needs more training. Don’t worry, she is very flexible, so she will get used to it. At the moment she is still a bit surprised by how tight it feels!

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