Monthly Archives: April 2013

A pink surprise for Anahí

This week, I had a little surprise for Anahí! I needed to take some revenge, because she is getting to good in my contests! And they are MY contests! I am CuffGirl, not her! I lured her over to my little webcam corner and surprised her with some reaaaaaaally cute pink leg irons and handcuffs! They are not toys, they are Peerless handcuffs that have been painted pink!
Anahí loved them, as expected, but what she did not know is that I would take the key and leave her locked in them ALL afternoon! Hahahha! :D I got my revenge again!

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Wrist cage escape contest


Well, neither uf os really won the Irish 8 escape contest a while ago. They were locked on so tight that we had to help each other in the end. So this time we will try different cuffs: the lovely wrist cage! I always get the question where I got these, so here it is one more time: just go to, they also sell Dutch handcuffs (one of my favourite comfortable hinged handcuffs).
Let’s see who is the fastest escaping from a wrist cage, or cross cuffs, or whatever they are called! They are so much fun! I love them. I just hope I will beat Anahí, or we might just as well start calling HER CuffGirl instead of me…

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Out and about in waist chains

Finally, the weather is getting a little better! So here is our chance, the one thing we wanted to do for a looooong time: go out in public in our custom made small waist chains! It was such a nice afternoon, we did not even notice we were wearing them! After a while you really get used to them! We would love to go to an American prison and get to wear these all day, no keys! But what is the best way to end up there? Hmm…
Anyway, we enjoyed our afternoon in the park, I hope you will enjoy this fun video clip as well. Next time you see us walking by in waist chains, come and say hi!

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Bat cuffs!

A fan borrowed me these very rare handcuffs to show you! They are bat cuffs! Real steel handcuffs, in the coolest design you have ever seen, fully functional and operated with a standard handcuff key! The bullet shape hinge, the radical swing through edges, they look like they are straight from the batman movies! And the best part: they are very nice to wear! You just have to watch out not to poke anyone with the rather sharp edges :)
This is so cool! A big thanks to the person who borrowed me these cuffs to show to you! I hope I will own a pair of these one day! Or better yet, I hope to design my own Chrissy handcuffs! Any engineers reading this?

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