Monthly Archives: June 2011

Blindfolded balloon challenge


The challenges I am receiving now are getting more and more difficult. This time I will attempt a very interesting one: I have to find the key inside 1 of 4 balloons, while speedcuffed and leg ironed… AND blindfolded! Now that is a bit much don’t you think? Especially since I am afraid of popping balloons, but you didn’t know that of course. I really really really hate to pop these things, but I have to do it in order to find the key.
As it turned out, it was hard enough to find the balloons in the first place, as they kept flying all over the place at the slightest touch. After I popped all four balloons (which took me quite a while), the key was nowhere to be found! Watch this very long video to see how I did in this challenge, it is worth it, I promise :-)

58 pictures
10:30 minutes, 640×360 WMV, 151MB

Video diary: TKS handcuffs

I received a pair of TKS (Toye Kenning and Spencer) handcuffs, with a very clever letter. The keys are so cute! These cuffs are aluminium, super light weight, so nice for carrying around in a handbag. They are very secure, and they have a cool double locking button! A real nice addition to my collection (which, by the way, I should update… that page is sooo old).

3:47 minutes, 1280×720 WMV, 114MB

Oh nooooooo, Anahi beats me in hogcuffing challenge!


It is a bad day for me! I invited my best friend Anahí for a hogcuffing challenge and I lost!! First of all, it took me ages to hogcuff myself after I hogcuffed Anahí, and she was just lying there patiently, unable to move, waiting for the challenge to start. That’s why the video is a bit long, it is just me trying to hogcuff myself while Anahí is lying on her stomach, all cuffed up.
The actual challenge part is quite short, because Anahí must have taken some super escape pill, she was out in no time! That is not fair, I am supposed to be CuffGirl!! :( I am very ashamed… Please help me to get her back, I want to something really evil to Anahí, and I know you fans can help me out!!

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Requested bed challenge


Here’s an interesting request: do another bed challenge, only this time cuffing my ankles to the bed frame behind me, and cuffing my wrists to the sides, also behind me. The key is in front of me, out of reach! It may be a little complicated to understand, but here is a YouTube link to my explanation (quick, before YouTube removes it… apparently they don’t like me). This challenge was definitely harder than the last bed challenge! It seems you are getting smarter every week, I’m already afraid to open my mailbox :D

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7:51 minutes, 1280×720 WMV, 236MB