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Zara puts Santa in handcuffs!

Zara caught you looking at her Christmas tree! Or rather, what’s under the tree! There are some restraints and a pair of shiny black boots! Zara really gets into the Christmas spirit by handcuffing herself under the tree, even including Santa in her bondage celebrations!
A very Merry Christmas to everyone from us here at CuffGirl.com!! We hope you found a lot of restraints under your tree too! x

1920×1080 MP4

Tubes escape race

In this exciting video, me and Zara are having a race! Who is the fastest to escape from a waist chain and tubes!? Prisoner tubes can be placed over the hands, and handcuffs be applied on top of them. There are loops on the tubes that the cuffs go through, so they can not slide off. We have to operate the small handcuff key with our tubes!

1920×1080 MP4

New Fiddle!

We have this brand new fiddle, which looks pretty cool! It has a special coating or metal that makes it look very pretty, a dark grey texture of some kind. We are not sure what it is. And it comes in a pretty case as well! Me and Zara tested this fiddle, of course. It seems to be a male size fiddle, a bit big for us. We probably can’t get out of it, but we like it more snug. So if you are a male, and you want to buy this fiddle with the pretty case, write me an email!!

1920×1080 MP4

Lady size waist chains!

Remember when Chrissy received two custom made waist chains from a fan?! Me and Chrissy have used them a lot over the years. They are so much better than the standard waist chains (those are too big for girls, even on the smallest loop). We went outside with them, tried to spend a whole day in them, and had lots of other adventures. But somehow they ended up in a box and I didn’t show them to Zara yet! Needless to say, Zara was very excited about these, because she is even smaller than me and Chrissy!

1920×1080 MP4

Leather stocks?

We had the opportunity to test these new leather stocks! They are so well made and very awesome! You can use them for head and hands OR hands and feet! Possibly even all 5 at once, but we are not that flexible. Zara locked me in these stocks to see how it feels. It was lots of fun!

1920×1080 MP4

Blue balls!

Today we have a unique item from Zara’s collection! She recently got these, and they are super cool! They are 3D printed restraints, a kind of prison mitts with a very clever design. They are really inescapable once you are in them. Zara is going to explain to me how they work, so exciting!

1920×1080 MP4

The most rigid handcuffs ever!

We found a pair of handcuffs that are level 4 in rigidness (as we call it). Level 1 is chain cuffs, level 2 is weird Alcyon-link cuffs, level 3 is hinged cuffs, and these are level 4! Not moving at all! They look like naked speedcuffs? Who knows what they are. We love these, because they are the hardest to escape with the keyholes on the wrong side!

1920×1080 MP4

Collar predicament!

We saw this really fun collar predicament that is supposed to be very hard. Because when your arms get more and more tired after a while, you will be fighting to keep them up or choke yourself. Zara tried it on me… it was very exciting!

1920×1080 MP4

Caging Zara

This is the new cage at BondageTimeout where me and Zara work as guards. So we definitely had to try it out ourselves. It was so much fun! The cage is pretty comfortable, you can lie down… until I put this divider in place which splits it up into two separate cages. Now Zara was a lot more confined!

1920×1080 MP4
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