Monthly Archives: April 2022

Taped wrists

Well, here is something even Zara’s wrists can not slip out of! Tape! Okay, we love metal more, but you have asked us a few times to try tape so here we go! You can put your wrists all the way together with tape, that is really restrictive! Even if you have a pair of scissors, it is very hard to get out! Not bad! But we still love cuffs more!

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Prison mitts and boots

We have new mitts and boots! They are orange, so we call them our ‘prison mitts and boots’. These soft restraints use Segufix magnetic locks, so they are also suitable for Segufix play! But today we are going to show you these in combination with handcuffs and ankle cuffs! It’s very hard to escape when you are cuffed wearing these!!

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The bondage table!

This is definitely our favorite new piece of furniture! It is a table with 3 holes in it! And you can probably guess what is going to happen: yes, I will be trying to put Zara IN the bondage table. It is so awesome! Imagine if you had someone locked in this table and you just did your home work, or had your dinner at the table. It would be very funny and exciting! Zara’s tiny wrists were a problem, as always, but I fixed it with some handcuffs. Handcuffs can fix everything!!

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