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Escape a hogcuff! Magic!

Ok, now I am going to show you something that seems to be impossible. I will escape from a hogcuff! The key is hanging high above me so I can’t reach it, even if I manage to get my hands to the front. Because my hands are still connected to my ankles. But watch how I still escape, it is TRUE MAGIC!!

1920×1080 MP4

Social distancing games

Earlier this week, Zara hid a handcuff key in an abandoned building and I went there a few days later to see if I could find it. I locked myself in handcuffs and shackles, and I was only allowed to unlock myself if I could find Zara’s key. Might not be a really good idea, because it is hard to move through such a messy building in ankle cuffs!

1920×1080 MP4

Lockdown home video

Message from my laptop during the current lockdown situation. I can’t meet with Zara to record fun handcuff videos but let’s hope this will all be over soon! My question is of course: how are you spending your lockdown time? I am in handcuffs most of the time, for practise and fun, and I am sure many of you are doing this too! Comment below!

SPECIAL LOCKDOWN FEELGOOD PRICE FOR THIS UPDATE: ONLY 1 EURO!! Please help me and Zara to get through this hard time by supporting us! Thank you :)

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Throwback to CuffGirl.com Fan Day (Part 1)

There will be a new Fan Day in 2020!! For a few years, we did not organise one, but this year it will be time to have some cuffing fun again! We hope to see you all there!! You can cuff us, we can cuff you, you can take pictures, show us your collection, and have a nice relaxed afternoon! There will be drinks and cookies! Keep an eye on this website to see the date announcement!
Here is a video from a fan day (I think 3 years ago?) where a fan challenged Chrissy and me to escape from some cuffs!! (filmed by the fan)

1920×1080 MP4

Wall massage

Did you know you can give yourself a very good massage with a wall and a tennis ball? Me and Zara will show you how to do that in this video! I’m locked in Irish8 handcuffs, and Zara in hinged handcuffs, but we are still able to get a good massage!

1920×1080 MP4

Orange Mitts

We have received these orange prisoner mitts! They are designed for handcuffs to loop through, so when you are locked in a pair of handcuffs including these mitts, you can’t escape even if you happen to find a key! Awesome!

1920×1080 MP4

Officer Zara

Ooh noooo, Zara has somehow obtained her own pair of Dutch police handcuffs. Now I know I am just going to be cuffed in them whenever she gets the chance to use them. She loves these cuffs way too much. She wanted to be the police officer and I had to be the prison girl… watch the video to find out what happened!!

1920×1080 MP4
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