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New Clejuso cuffs!

Hi guys, do you remember the Clejuso? The very heavy handcuffs? Well, they apparently made some new ones! And they are ankle cuffs! We are going to try these heavy quality leg irons today! They look comfortable but they have a weird shape. Maybe they are not as comfortable as they seem?

1920×1080 MP4

Merry Christmas!!

Yaaaaaaay Merry Christmas to everyone!! We are very much in the Xmas spirit, even with color matched speedcuffs, and we are also locked in leg irons! We will try to assemble this giant christmas tree in restraints, which is a lot harder than it sounds! But we do everything in cuffs, and it is great to be cuffed during the holidays! Comment below in which cuffs you will spend the holidays these coming days!

1920×1080 MP4

Elbow hogcuff attempt

Hmm what if you could do a hogcuff, but attach the ankles to the elbows instead of the wrists! That would be awesome! Me and Zara try to work out how to do this and what the problems could be if you attempt this at home. It’s not as easy as it sounds, but we have to do this… for science!

1920×1080 MP4

Fitness in cuffs

It is too hot, but we need to stay in shape! Fortunately, we can make our fitness a bit more fun by wearing handcuffs and leg irons. People always seem to have excuses why they can’t be cuffed 24/7. We will prove that you can even be cuffed during fitness! Just watch the video and find out what we can do!

1920×1080 MP4

Cuffed and shackled in the forest

Finally, the weather is getting a bit better! I like to explore the forest in cuffs and leg irons, but I always forget to check if I have the keys (or I am with someone who doesn’t want to give me the keys…). And what if someone suddenly appears, I mean there isn’t much privacy in overpopulated Holland, we don’t have any remote nature, there’s people EVERYWHERE. Oh well, they will probably think I am a little crazy :D

1920×1080 MP4

The Big Prison Challenge – water and bread

We really underestimated how looooooooong eight hours are. If you are in a cell, with nothing to do, in waist chains and leg irons, it becomes very challenging. Fortunately, we were not alone. But still, we ran out of things to say after 20 minutes… Good thing there were some distractions. An unseen guard shoved things towards our cell. Like a pair of neck cuffs. Which we locked on (NOT a good idea, but you will see that later). And some water and fancy bread!! It wasn’t much, but at least it was something to do!

1920×1080 MP4

The ladder escape challenge!

This was a really difficult one! I was cuffed with Irish8’s to a ladder, and the key was sitting about halfway on the same ladder. I couldn’t reach it with my hands. I tried dropping it onto the floor and grabbing it with my feet, but I was leg ironed as well, so I couldn’t get the key into my hands. After a while, I found a solution! I wonder if you could have worked it out? It’s a very challenging escape puzzle!

1920×1080 MP4

Drum practice

We are getting close to a lockdown again, so it is time to stay home and do two of my favorite things: cuffing myself and drumming! I have played drums since I was little, but I am a little out of practice. Trying to drum in cuffs is probably not going to help, but it’s interesting to try!

1920×1080 MP4

LIPS cuffs race!

You know what is a really bad idea? Cuffing your ankles together with hinged handcuffs and doing a race! Because the key is on the other side of the room. It’s a REALLY bad idea. And painful too. Which is why we did it, we love bad ideas :D

4:51 minutes, 1920×1080 MP4, 703MB

Two different ankle cuffs

Shackles aren’t just shackles. They have different shapes, different locks, keys and everything makes a difference in the experience of wearing them. In this video that Zara and I made for you, we compare the differences between two kinds of leg irons. Which ones are your favourites? Comment below, we are curious!

4:53 minutes, 1920×1080 MP4, 706MB

Exercising in cuffs – with Zara

Is it possible to work out in cuffs? Well, some of the exercises are possible and others are not. It is actually quite a lot of fun! Since I met Chrissy (oh I miss her! Don’t you? Go watch some of her videos on this site!!), I am always trying to increase the challenge and you should try it too, go work out in your cuffs!

5:06 minutes, 1920×1080 MP4, 738MB

Going for a walk in cuffs

It is spring! Zara and I were hanging out but it felt pretty dumb to stay in when it was such good weather. To make it even more fun we brought our cuffs. We went exploring a little and we found many new secret spots! We also were cuffed (ankles and wrists) in public, Zara was a little bit nervous and so was I but it went alright, people did not say anything.

7:01 minutes, 1920×1080 MP4, 999MB
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