Monthly Archives: February 2013

Video diary: smoke break

Here is a video of Anahí and me going outside for a quick smoke break (even though it is freezing!!). We are locked in cute small waist chains with side handcuffs, but we barely notice those anymore. Like we said before, we can do anything in waist chains! It is so much fun to be able to wear them during most of the day, we are going to try a full weekend soon! That is right, 48 hours (or more even), locked with our wrists to our sides! No one ever did that probably!
What is the longest you have been cuffed? And how were you cuffed? Did you have breaks? Please comment below!

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Handcuffed laundry folding


Many of you write me that you love to do household tasks in handcuffs, to make them less boring. I do that too! On this blog you have seen me do a lot of things in handcuffs, like vacuum cleaning, doing the dishes and more!
Today I will show you how I fold my laundry in tight hinged handcuffs, arms crossed behind my back! Go on, try this at home, it will make life much more fun!!

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Hogcuffing instruction video

LOL, we decided to do a hogcuffing instruction video, so you can learn how to do this at home to your partner! It is by far my most favourite position, and I think Anahí’s too! We have a special table setup to show you how I hogcuff Anahí. First handcuffing her behind her back (on her stomach of course), then cuffing one ankle, looping the cuffs through and cuffing the other ankle!
Don’t get it? Well, just watch the video! As a bonus, Anahí hogcuffs me too!!

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Competition! Win free Alcyon handcuffs!

A big announcement! My first blog competition! I will give away a free pair of brand new Alcyon handcuffs, and an autograph by me :D These special handcuffs are not hinged or chained, but something in between! Very nice, and also good for small wrist sizes!
All you have to do is show me your best handcuff escape trick on video. Post it on YouTube or Vimeo and send me the link (or put it in the comments below). The best trick will get rewarded with these awesome cuffs. You will be online for everyone to see though, are you brave enough? I really hope to get to see some new and amazing tricks! So start posting now!!

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