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Video diary: escaping handcuffs WITHOUT a key

Until now, I always used a key to escape my handcuffs. But what if there is no key? Or you can’t reach a key? In this video I will show you how to open handcuffs without a key.
I use my pink ASP handcuffs as an example, but it will work for most cuffs. Don’t be fooled by the color, these are real cuffs, and I can open them very very easily. Or do I make it look easy because I practised? LOL! I’d love to see YOU try this!

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Neck cuff contest


This is fun! Me and Anahi wanted to do another escape contest with the speedcuffs, but this time I decided to make it a little bit more difficult. Anahi has some experience with the speedcuffs now, so to make sure I would win, I connected us using neck cuffs! Anahi has not been neck cuffed very often, so she does not really know it is very hard to open it because you can not see the keyhole. You have to feel your way out :D Let’s see who escapes first!!

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Video diary: double Irish 8 behind the back – frustration!!

Here is the most rigid position I have ever found myself in: Irish 8 behind the back, wrists crossed, using TWO pairs of cuffs. The double pair means the rigid area is bigger and since they are very tight I can not move my arms at all!
Worse, these cuffs require you to push the key in and pull the cuffs open at the same time. I am really hurting myself trying to even get the key in, but it is no use, this is an inescapable position.
Ever wanted to see me frustrated? Look at my face at the end of the video, I am seriously disappointed that I will have to go get someone to let me out. LOL, I really was angry…

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Video diary: the TimeBond explained

You have been asked me what this TimeBond thing is, where I got it and how it works. So I decided to to a video diary about this self bondage device. It is very nice to play with if there is no one around to keep you locked. It works by freezing (yes really!!) water into a cylinder, and it gives you about 1 hour of fun!

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