Monthly Archives: March 2011

Video diary: the KUB Irish 8 handcuffs

Today I will show you my KUB Irish 8 cuffs, I like them very much. They are smooth and comfortable, and they snap shut without warning LOL. The only problem is putting them on yourself. In this video diary you will see two takes, because I could not get the cuffs to close while sitting at the table. So I moved to the floor and did a second take. It’s easier when I can use my knees to snap them shut. I really love these, I have to get more pairs, so I can really immobilize my wrists completely! I wonder if I will be able to close multiple pairs on my wrists… hmm and what about getting them off again?

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Making pancakes in handcuffs and ankle cuffs


This has got to be one of the best updates yet!! I will show you how a full restraint set (handcuffs, ankle cuffs, connector chain) does not bother me at all in my daily routine. LOL, okay I don’t eat pancakes daily (I wish!), but making pancakes in cuffs is a very good example of how I like to make normal boring things a little more challenging! Actually, I am spending a lot of time in these restraints the last few weeks, because I want to feel what it is like to be a real prisoner! Watch me make pancakes and eat them in this update! I assure you, it will inspire you to do this at home!

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Video diary: picking some cuffs for a simple escape

Just a quick vlog to show off some of my collection, as many of you are interested to see it. I like to put all my cuffs in a big heap and pick some nice ones to lock onto my wrists. I ended up in three pairs of handcuffs (very tight!) and my thumbcuffs. Unlocking them was not very tricky, but then again, I can not take too much risk when I am recording these vlogs, as there is no one here to help me ;-)

Note: this is not my complete collection, just what I could find lying around the house LOL…

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ASP rigid handcuffs!

Yessss! New handcuffs again! I saw these on the internet: absolutely NO ONE has these in their collection! They are soooo cool, and now I own a pair! They are the ASP rigid handcuffs. What is so special about these? Well, they are a bit similar to the Hiatt’s Ultimate, but I think they are much better :-) The cuffs are really smooth, and they fit my wrists perfectly. There is a third keyhole to unlock the hinge, I totally love that feature. This week I will show you how they work, but don’t get a pair for yourself, because I would like to be the only collector who has these ;-)

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