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Video diary: thumbcuffs padlocked to handcuffs

This one was requested by a fan! I have to take a pair of regular handcuffs and cuff myself, then use my chain thumbcuffs (so cute!) to cuff my thumbs and padlock both chains together. This will make my thumbs bend towards my wrists, making it hard to handle a key (supposedly).
But hey, I am CuffGirl! It was easy to get out! So me and my lovely assistant (you know who you are!) thought we would give you a second take, this time Anahí put all the keyholes facing away from my fingers!! Harder? You will see!

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Walking in waist chain

Just a nice outdoors video clip of me walking in my favourite small waist chain! It was really windy, and then sun disappeared after about 1 minute :( So I put on my jacket and continued to walk around waist chained :)
Then it started to rain very very hard… so this one was kind of cut short. But I will definitely do it again, because I love taking cuffed walks! Any suggestions for my next cuffed walk can be posted below!

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Hogcuffed dilemma


This is the number one fan favorite request! Everyone wants to see me hogcuffed with the keys out of reach! I guess you just want to see me crawl around the room on my stomach :-) LOL, well it doesn’t work like that. You will have to come up with a much smarter plan, because I have a way of escaping this predicament (even with the keys waaaay out of reach), without getting carpet burns from crawling on my stomach.
How do I do it? Find out by watching the pictures or the video (or both if you love my blog). Who can stop me from using this solution??

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Video diary: Showing Anahí the heavy weight Clejuso handcuffs

Well, Anahí spotted the huge and heavy Clejuso handcuffs lying around, so it was time to introduce her to wearing them :D In this video, you can see my explanation of the heavy weight model 15 Clejuso handcuffs, including the double locking and the possibility of wearing them on your elbows.
Anahí loves huge cuffs like these!! If only we had two pairs, then we could wear them together for a few hours! It is quite a workout!

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Video diary: The Italian cuffs

My collection is growing! I have some pretty strange items, but this one is right at the top of the strangeness scale! They are called Bagno, it is a kind of wrist screw thing, and it locks with a padlock! It is for large and small wrists, and escaping it is pretty hard. I will demonstrate how this weird device works in this week’s webcam video. Yes, they are real handcuffs! I know you don’t believe me, but it is true :D
By the way, thank you for all your birthday wishes on my facebook and email, I love you all!!

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