Monthly Archives: December 2021

New Clejuso cuffs!

Hi guys, do you remember the Clejuso? The very heavy handcuffs? Well, they apparently made some new ones! And they are ankle cuffs! We are going to try these heavy quality leg irons today! They look comfortable but they have a weird shape. Maybe they are not as comfortable as they seem?

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Merry Christmas!!

Yaaaaaaay Merry Christmas to everyone!! We are very much in the Xmas spirit, even with color matched speedcuffs, and we are also locked in leg irons! We will try to assemble this giant christmas tree in restraints, which is a lot harder than it sounds! But we do everything in cuffs, and it is great to be cuffed during the holidays! Comment below in which cuffs you will spend the holidays these coming days!

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Shoulder chain

Did you know about the shoulder chain handcuffing technique? You probably didn’t. I was nice enough to show it to Zara, and then I released her so she could try it on me. Of course, she did not release me and I had to try and escape from this myself, while she went off to have a muffin!! Geeeeeeez!!

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