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Video diary: Irish 8 handcuffs, wrists stacked behind my back

Some people have emailed me to say that I will never be able to escape from my Irish 8 handcuffs, wrists stacked behind my back. Well, I don’t see what is hard about that! It is fairly easy to do, and I will show you in this video!
Hmm, now I think about it, it might not be so easy if the keyhole is facing the other way… what do you think? Have you tried it?

2:37 minutes, 1280×720 WMV, 79MB

A four hour punishment for Anahí


Some fans have asked me what happens with all the punishments that we come up with for the challenge losers. Do we really do them? Of course we do! Here is an interesting picture and video set: Anahí lost three challenges in a row, so her punishment is a FOUR hour hogcuff. Yes, four hours, and I did not take any time off it. She really was there for four hours, although she slept most of the time.
At one point I almost gave her the keys because I was sorry for her (she is just too cute), but I changed my mind and made her do her time! Why am I handcuffing myself, you might ask? Well, I don’t know actually LOL!! I just noticed that I handcuffed myself (in front) before giving Anahí her punishment, and I did not unlock them for the entire afternoon! I guess I am just too used to being cuffed! Oops. :-)

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6:12 minutes, 1280×720 WMV, 240MB

Video diary: the tube

Okay, here is another fail! :D I thought it would be a very good idea to handcuff myself inside a very hard cardboard tube. Since I can not break this tube, I would have to get someone to saw or cut it off, before I can unlock my handcuffs! That part sounds good, doesn’t it!?
Well, unfortunately, the handcuffing-myself-inside-the-tube part was the real problem, I tried and tried for a long time, but I couldn’t figure out how to do it. There is no room for the cuffs to open and swing through inside the tube. So I tried to stick my hand through a loose cuff and tighten it, but I couldn’t do it. Then I tried to stick my whole arm through the tube, but then I could not bend my elbow to slide it back down… what a dilemma! Do you see a solution, because I reaaaaally want to be stuck like this for a few hours!

8:58 minutes, 1280×720 WMV, 270MB



Okaaaaay, we will do some more arresting! Geeez, please stop emailing about it, I get it, you are big fans of arresting pictures and videos! Watch me and Anahí arrest each other like pros! Well, almost like pros, because we had no training, we only saw some techniques on tv…
Anahí is kind of mean to me, but I get her back, and at the end I did not unlock her hehehe *evil grin* !!

97 pictures
4:48 minutes, 1280×720 WMV, 144MB