Monthly Archives: October 2022

Tidying up with Zara

Wow my house was a mess! I asked Zara over to help tidy it up a bit. In handcuffs and ankle cuffs of course, because that makes this a lot more fun! Do you do your chores in cuffs to make them more fun? Please leave a comment if you do!
Sorry about the video quality, I tried my new 4K camera and it has some quirks!

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Orange handcuffs!

We just had to try the new orange handcuffs with the prison jumpsuit… at least that’s what Zara thought. I wasn’t so happy about being the prisoner AGAIN, but she insisted. Of course, we tried to find out if the new orange handcuffs fit in the blue box, because otherwise they would be useless for a secure prison cuffing. No worries, they work fine! And the new orange cufflock is quite cute too!

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