Monthly Archives: June 2022

The mystery is finally revealed!

After spending about 13 years in handcuffs, with Chrissy and Zara, I still had no idea how they actually work. But now… the mystery has been solved! We received this training tool, and it has clear plastic on one side so you CAN SEE how it works inside! Even the double lock! It is so clever, I never expected this. Who came up with this!?? This really awesome tool will go into our lock pick training kit!

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The medical muzzle

Wow, this is something crazy that Zara came up with: it is a medical muzzle. Now, normally we would probably not feature this on our website, but this one actually LOCKS! It can be locked with 9 or 10 small padlocks, and it can not be removed without a key. It was a very intense feeling, and it is not for everyone! This is a very extreme muzzle!

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Small Bagno?

We have had the Bagno cuffs for years, they are very big, but it makes them perfect for elbow bondage if you are flexible enough!! Now, we found some small Bagno handcuffs! They can actually go on our wrists, yes even Zara’s wrists!

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