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Spreader bar and handcuffs


I made this spreader bar myself! Well it is just a piece of pipe really :-) I have attached two pairs of handcuffs to it so it will make a great challenge, I don’t think I have ever had my hands this far apart for an escape challenge!
One of the most important things when using handcuffs like this (both cuffs on one wrist) is to remember NOT to put the keyholes on the inside, facing eachother!! It will mean a trip to the fire station, where all fire men will have a big laugh at you and your spreader bar… Hmm, I might actually try that some day ;-)
Let’s see if I can escape this one, it is a very hard challenge!!

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Video diary: Teaching Anahí

Today I will be teaching my friend Anahí how to open handcuffs without using a key! You have seen me do this before, but now it is time to pass on my knowledge! LOL! I will be using a very nice pair of Dutch handcuffs, which are easy to open without a key.
We are using just a flat piece of metal, nothing special, it is super easy to learn! Very nice trick, please try this at home, always a good thing to know for when you have lost your keys again (we all know that happens).

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Video diary: some strange handcuffs

Hmmm wow, I received a pair of handcuffs that have a really strange hinge! Or actually it is a combination of a hinge and a chain, somewhere in between I guess! I love the way these cuffs fit my wrists, they are perfect!
It seems my collection just grows and grows, and I am a little bit too lazy to update my collection page :( But maybe soon, because I am planning to redesign this website to add some cool stuff, maybe even a member section if you think that is a good idea!

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Custom waist chain


Oops I forgot to introduce my new custom waist chain, the one I was wearing outdoors! I realise I did not show it to you yet, so here is a video of me explaining where I got it and why I love it!
It is a small waist chain, smaller than any of the standard ones that are available. It was custom made for me. If I wear one of the standard Peerless or Smith & Wessons, the distance between the wrists cuffs is so big that my wrists are almost behind me! I guess those are for bigger people :(
But I love my cute little waist chain! And the best part? I have two! So Anahí is in for a little surprise next time hehehe :D

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