Monthly Archives: September 2015

Harness ballgags

I love presents!!! I got two so-called harness ballgags and of course I wanted to test them and Anahí was with me. We tried to figure out how they work but there are too many possibilities! Too many straps!! Sure, I saw some pictures on the internet, but when you have them in your hands it is a different thing! It’s very confusing. We need to do more research on these. It’s very nice of you to send me bondage things, but I am really just into handcuffs, so don’t be mad if I don’t know anything about gear like this!!

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Hogcuffed together!

This was a super hard challenge! Me and Anahí were hogcuffed next to each other on the bed, then cuffed together with an additional pair of cuffs. This meant we had to cooperate to escape, which was not easy and sometimes even painful!! Did we make it? Check the video!

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Cuffed on the treadmill!


I got the idea to do a little workout. Yes, in high heels and cuffed. Anahi was scared to go on the treadmill! Especially since I cuffed her hands and feet. I tried it myself too and it did require a lot of concentration. At first, we could still hold onto the treadmill but later on I also cuffed Anahi with her hands back to make it even more difficult hahaha.

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Korean handcuffs

This cuffs come from far away, I believe it is Korea. In the video I put them on Anahí to test how they work. They have double lock so it is more secure but also hard to escape and dangerous if you lose the key. Please be careful at home if you try them on. Also the jacket I am wearing is a present! I have got some sweet sweet fans, thank you!

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