Monthly Archives: March 2019

High heel lock!

One of you sent us this pair of high heel locks! Thank you! In this video, you can see us trying this device on our high heels. It’s a strappy thing that padlocks around your ankle and under your shoe, so you can not take your high heels off! High heel bondage training!

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Two necks one chain

Hi there! This week we are trying challenges in a double neck cuff! It is a lot of fun to be neck cuffed to another person! After a while, we thought the chain was a bit long so we shortened it using a padlock. That was a little bit too close for comfort!!

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Cuffs and balloons

I had some balloons left over from a party so I thought let’s see what Zara and I can do with them. Zara actually had never managed to blow up a balloon, so we had to work on her technique! It’s fun to hide keys in balloons! Although it is very easy to spot which balloon has the key inside so that kind of ruins the game. Who can tell us a better way to play with balloons and cuffs?

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