• Darren

    Really looking forward to this site. Chrissy is a beautiful looking woman.

  • Hi Chrissy,

    I have som Hiatt HSS9’s if you fancy a challenge?


  • ant

    great site cant wait to see more videos ;)

  • cufffs

    Hey, I love the idea – what can we do to encourage you and help out?

  • cuffsguy

    Hey, LOVE the new site, can’t wait to see more pics and videos!! You’re a gorgeous girl, can’t wait to see you cuffed some more!

  • MR_T

    nice site cant wait to see more elaborate cuff work from you!

  • hola amiga me llamo Hunter y tengo mi propio pagina web pero no esta hecho estoy biendo tu agina y esta muy interesante quisiera conocer mas de tus esposas yo solamente ato con cuerdas a mis chicas, te apoyo en tu proyecto yespero que tu me apoyes adios.

  • Rabisu

    Hmm, I’m wondering when you’ll be back from Vacation. I’m very interested to see how your blog turns out. I hope you don’t forget it ^_^

  • dorian

    hi cool vid i m eager to see more of ur videos

  • Ron

    Hi Chrissy you are a very beautiful young woman it will be a refreshing pleasure to see you tkae on bothe the chalenges of writing and escaping. I look forward to contributing to both your chelenges and your inventory of bondage equipement. i believe I can help you out in that department. Good luck and most of all have fun.

  • Thanks all! I am so glad to see there appears to be some interest in my blog :) So two more weeks and I will start posting some more stuff!

  • paul

    Hi chrissy
    can’t wait to see your site up and runnung fully cause you look dead sexy handcuffed

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