• Leikkisa


    You’re supposed to press the handcuff first against her wrist. Then you apply pressure so that the cuffs swing open and close around her wrist. If you are not touching her skin first, you’re basically hitting her with a block of steel and she really might get hurt..

    Have fun and play safe :)

  • Felix

    Speedcuffs have the “back loading” feature, too. :-p

    And yes, even with back loading you can hurt your arms. BTDT.

  • exx

    instead of clicking the cuffs closed ready to use, you can rotate the cuff the other way (as if trying to pull the ratchet backwards from the smallest possible position) – it will let you go 2 or 3 clicks in that direction before stopping

    that makes it nice and easy to set them one click from the end, so they should spin nice and easily when you push against her wrist

  • coccyx

    Anahi is a sweatie. Would like to see you punish her.

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