New site design!!

After all these years, it was time for a fresh new design! Bigger thumbnails, easier to browse on mobile devices! Faster and without all the old annoying bugs! Many more changes coming soon!! I hope you like it! xxx

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  • Ano

    The new design is quite good :-)

    What’s the best way to submit a challenge?
    Till you tell me, here’s one.

    Get one of the rigid handcuffs on the back, have the keyholes facing the wrong way. Get Anahí to make it a hogtie.
    Using only ropes. Like this you can prove as how useless the ropes are. After you untied yourself just get your hands to the front and unlock the handcuffs using your teeth.
    Once i done it, surprised the hell out of the one tied me up for the whole night.
    Took me few hours to get ride of all the ropes, and my body type is doesn’t make it easy to get my hands to the front while i’am in handcuffs.
    Like to see how long it gone take for you.

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