• Andy

    You will be missed Chrissy :-( hope what ever you decide to do goes well. Take care xx

  • davecuffs

    Hello Chrissy.
    Thanks for all the good work you’ve done all these years, and for all the fun you’ve given us.
    Thanks for sharing all your adventures, and all the happy times, and showing us how handcuffs brings so much fun in life.
    I hope you’ll find plenty of happiness and satisfaction in your new life, and I wish you the best.
    Of course, I’ll miss you, and of course plenty of fans will feel the same.
    Anahi is of course gonna get plenty of love from us fans.

  • Michael

    Long time fan. Occasional subscriber. I even entered your Alcyon giveaway contest waaaaay back in the day.

    You’ll definitely be missed! Has it really been almost 10 years!? I am happy that the spirit of the site will go on with Anahi.

    What ever happened with that contest, anyway? ;)

  • Jim

    Thank you for everything dear Chrissy. You created a wonderfull blog and you couldn’t leave it to better hands. I am sure the lovely Anahi will do a fantastic job with this blog and we will all support her :-)

  • Jos

    Sad to hear it coming to an end. As if from nowhere too. Best of luck going forward

  • Ano

    It’s always very hard to say a good by. Thank you for everything, and wish you nothing else than the very best in your life.
    Have fun! oh and don’t forgot to do some cameos in the videos later :)

  • Hey Chrissy who is doing handcuffed I hope you do well

  • Foxy Friar

    Thanks for everthing, Chrissy, you will be missed.
    Especially many of your early picture series, where you do everday things in cuffs, are bondage masterpiéces!
    With your independent spirit & cheerful mood you have been a pioneer in taking healthy handcuff entusiasm out of the narrow confines of SM & pornography!
    Your partner & heir Anahi is sweet & wonderful, but to us you will always remain the one & only Cuffgirl!

    Love and best wishes from Denmark
    Foxy Friar

  • FiM

    Thanks for everything, Chrissy! Take care, and the best of luck to you in all your future endeavors! :)

  • Chrissy when do you come back on your home page

  • Chrissy your always My favorite when do you come back I still want to handcuffed you

  • Chrissy I miss you always my favorite still want to handcuffed

  • i sure do miss you Chrissy

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