Old cuffs, new cuffs

What’s the difference between old and new cuffs? How did old style handcuffs work and were they easy to apply and use? Are new cuffs really better? I decided to give Zara a history lesson. Let’s see what she thinks about these restraints!!

4:48 minutes, 1920×1080 MP4, 697MB

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  • Donny

    I am so glad to see some vintage style cuffs on your site (and on your wrists!)
    Those looks like KUB darby cuffs. Do you have any other old fashioned style cuffs?
    I’ve seen a cuffgirl photoshoot with a darby style collar, that was super cute!
    I recommend doing a hogcuff with the cuffs in this video and the matching darby style old fashioned leg irons. Do you have those? I hope so!

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