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Testing a new ultra high security combination

We now have these orange mitts and orange footies for the prison at and I am sure Zara will use them on many of her prisoners. It is cozy and ultra high security at the same time! Especially in combination with a waistchain and bluebox! There is no chance of escaping!
But before Zara will test it on you (if you are brave enough to book a session at, she wanted to test this herself, and I was very happy to help!

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Shortened ankle cuffs

You can buy ankle cuffs with a short chain, but it can be quite expensive. We will show you a better way to make shortened ankle cuffs! It’s very restrictive and you can you use the ankle cuffs you already have! Just a new cuff hack from us at!!

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Scary prison

We found a scary location and Zara decided she wanted to do her prison roleplay in there. Which always means that I have to be the prisoner, she cuffs me in impossible ways so I am stuck to something, and then she leaves me for a while. Always!!! It was very dark, so sorry about the low quality, but it was super creepy and it was quite exciting!

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Tidying up with Zara

Wow my house was a mess! I asked Zara over to help tidy it up a bit. In handcuffs and ankle cuffs of course, because that makes this a lot more fun! Do you do your chores in cuffs to make them more fun? Please leave a comment if you do!
Sorry about the video quality, I tried my new 4K camera and it has some quirks!

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Orange handcuffs!

We just had to try the new orange handcuffs with the prison jumpsuit… at least that’s what Zara thought. I wasn’t so happy about being the prisoner AGAIN, but she insisted. Of course, we tried to find out if the new orange handcuffs fit in the blue box, because otherwise they would be useless for a secure prison cuffing. No worries, they work fine! And the new orange cufflock is quite cute too!

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Wrist measurements

Some people still don’t believe it, but Zara does have incredibly tiny wrists. She often needs special ‘juvenile’ handcuff versions, or handcuff helpers (inserts) to make cuffs inescapable for her. We got this weird wrist measuring device, so we can find out how tiny her wrists are exactly. There was a bit of a misunderstanding as Zara thinks in inches and I think in centimeters, but we figured it out in the end!

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Humane hobbles

Today we are reviewing these ankle cuffs by Humane Restraints. Well, Zara thought they were two collars for small dogs, but I convinced her they were actually restraints. For your ankles! Not with a chain between them, but with a stiff leather strap, which makes it very hard to walk. Also, they lock with cylinder keys. Very high security! Wow those Humane Restraints guys really don’t want people to escape do they!

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Papasan chair!

This chair is very comfy!! At least, it was until Zara came bothering me with handcuffs and ankle cuffs. I tried to ignore her, but she thought the chair was just to perfect for cuffing someone. She is right. But I was still going to ignore her.

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For Sale: KUB-115 handcuffs

Zara brought some brought new KUB-115 for me to look at. They are VERY interesting and innovative. They are like Irish 8 cuffs, but they have a screw key that opens them. The keyhole can be covered with a little plate that screws in. It’s very secure! If you are locked in these, there’s no chance of escaping!
The only thing is… they are a little too big for us. So we are selling them for 45 euro plus shipping. Wrist circumference approx 19.5 centimeters. Brand new! Just email me if you are interested!

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Turning Zara into my home decoration

Zara left me cuffed without the keys so many times now, I just wanted to get back at her. I told her I wanted to do an experiment where I would turn her into my home decoration. A hogcuffed statue on a box. Of course, I dropped the keys on the floor and left her there. There really was no way out for Zara, she was hogcuffed on a box, and very annoyed!

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Fetish Ironworks Fiddle – very rare!

We got to try this very rare Fetish Ironworks fiddle! The company maybe doesn’t even exist anymore. So don’t ask us where you can buy one (unless you want to buy this one of course, I think it can be for sale from FoToRo at the right price). It is extremely interesting! It has a separate keyhole for all 3 restraints, and it uses a key and mechanism very similar to handcuffs, so you can make it as tight as you want (unlike other fiddles). Very cool piece!

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