Behind the back!


Okay, okay, okay!! You emailed and commented a lot about last week’s rollerblading update! You want to see me cuffed behind my back. No problem, in this update I lock myself in ankle cuffs and handcuff myself behind my back. Then I go for a walk in the beautiful Dutch landscape :) I also show you that I can unlock the handcuffs behind my back… skillz!!

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  • Michael

    Yes, but can you move your hands to the front of your body when they are handcuffed behind you?

  • Delta


    You like to do things, Let s make a challenge, why dont you put all of your handcuffs on you? I mean all the cuffs that you have in your possession. And wear something sexy! :) wink

  • Adam Sixx

    Love them, these are very good. I would love to see you in a pair of your VOPO high security cuffs or those old style hiattes. :) I’ve never seen anyone get out of old style cuffs.

  • Dave

    once the transaction is made how do you download the file?

  • Hi Dave, you will receive an email containing the download links for your purchase!

  • AP

    where somewhere did you walk, in wich part of Holland??

  • Gerry

    Helo Chrissy, when you walk in leg irons and jeans, do you wear shoes or are you barefoot?

  • michael

    have received it now, great set, look forward to buying more. love the outdoor setting and you hands cuffed behind you.

  • cuff ur self to the bed anckles and hands then try and escape

  • Anonymous

    Chrissy, Your are so beautiful and with your handcuff adventures, they are great entertainment. I mostly like your hands cuffed behind your back because is more dramatic and it makes you more beautiful. But you also must be careful because one of these days you can get hurt and cuffed for a long time by accident.

  • robbie

    HI CHRISSY,I love your videos & yours hands in cuffed behind your back,love your hogcuffs thanks

  • jordan beyonce

    hello to you I am looking to up to three of neck and handcuffs I can/t see the price

  • Francis

    Bonjour , super les tennis style Converse à semelles blanche ( mon fétiche n° 1) encore svp en converse – keds ou plimsoll blanche

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