Escaping the Hiatts 2050 hinged handcuffs


Today I will show you how I can escape my Hiatts 2050 handcuffs when I accidentally *grin* put them on with the keyholes facing away from my hands. A useful skill, especially when there is no one there to help you. In the video clip, I will also show you how I escape from these cuffs with my hands cuffed behind my back.
There’s a picture set and a huge HD video clip! I hope you will like them! Please post your comments below!

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  • Tom

    are those the only two picture updates for today? I also don’t see a video update so I was wondering if you were still going to upload one??

  • homer

    was going to check out what it would cost to buy the video, but nope, both paypal links goes nowhere, but an error page.

  • Onutz

    You have to pay to see her video Tom. Was better without payment i think :D

  • Please be patient, I’m still working on this :) I can’t host the huge video files for free, obviously. I will lower the price as much as possible and get some free previews up. Please give me a few days! :)

  • Marius

    Before I consider paying that much money for a little video flick, I’d really need more info. How long is the video? What resolution (there are, after all, many HD resolutions)? What can I expect in the rest of the video?

  • Good point Marius! I will add the information now! Thank you! I was my first video attempt, I don’t say anything in the video, I just escape from different positions :)

  • David

    Do you ever bring the handcuffs from behind your back, to the front of you (by sliding the cuffs under your legs)?

  • ed

    handcuffs is the best

  • andrew

    do u fell sexy when hand cuffed

  • Lolly

    Are you on Fetlife?

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