Bored, watching TV


Now I will try to show you an average night with me being bored, watching TV. I always have handcuffs nearby, so usually I start playing with them, practising my escapes as I watch TV. Watch me escape hinged Hiatss cuffs in front, behind the back and even behind the back with the keyholes facing the wrong way! Just like you asked me to :-) And I’m ankle cuffed too, just for fun, using the wonderful Smith & Wesson’s model 1900!

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  • Bernard

    Hi Chrissy, nice video ! I was very interested how you would escape with your hands behind your back and that stunt you pulled off is a tough act to follow (and impossible for me) !! I have a pair of Smith & Wesson 210 hinged handcuffs and when you lock them tight you can’t rotate your wrists inside them, so that’s an additional complication. BTW where can you get those LIPS handcuffs ? I’d like to give them a try.

  • andrew

    how did u feel whan the cuffs wherebehind ur back