The card game


My friend Leley came over and – as usual – I tried to challenge her to some handcuff escapes. Don’t worry, she’s used to my obsessions ;) Instead, she proposed to play a card game, the winner could use cuffs on the loser any way she liked. And believe it or not, I’m usually very very good at this game. But somehow I lost!! Leley showed her evil side, hogcuffing me, even cuffing my toes, tickling me (not fair!!) and then leaving me to struggle on the floor :( Grrrrrr! Next time I will take my revenge!!

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  • Eric

    Does the video actually show you being hogcuffed / toe-cuffed on screen? THAT’S what I want. I’m not interested in buying videos where the camera fades to black and then you show up already cuffed.

  • As well as the irish 8 I have a set of hiatt 1960 cuffs with the small bow usually referred to as ladies or child size that I can release from my collection as they are duplicates.

  • Thank you for the video. Once the left-hand cuff was fixed, it was very entertaining.

  • Eric

    Excellent. I purchased it. Looking forward to the e-mail with the download link.

  • Mike I have tried to email you twice, but no response :(

  • Your e.mails have not reached me for some reason. the e.mail on this is correct and one did get through try again by copying and pasting the address. If that fails I will get a new e.mail or go back on facebook.

  • scott

    i just got this video and i realy liked it i hope to see more like this one i would like to see you try and get out of that i tink it would be a grate video

  • Brian

    Hello, very nice clip.. have more clips about hogtied and tickling? some revenge maybe? very beautiful feet .. bye