Speedcuff tricks


I will show you some of the simplest speedcuffs escape tricks you can do at home :)
1. lock the speedcuffs in front, keyholes facing towards your hands (easy!)
2. try that again, with your hands around a chair or pole (easy!)
3. lock them on your ankles (easy!)
4. cuff your wrists behind your back, keyholes facing towards your hands (a little harder, but still easy)
Let me know how you get on with your escapes! Next lessons will be harder, so prepare!!

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  • Michelle

    Have you thought of trying an escape where you put the key in your mouth, then cover your mouth with duct tape?

  • exxodus

    that seemed easy enough, thanks for the gentle introduction!

    do you find cuffing around a pole makes it harder? If it’s something big like a tree that you can only just reach around then that would be much worse because you can’t move your elbows around much.

    You must have slim ankles :)

    Behind was quite difficult – it sends you searching for a mirror to remind you where exactly the holes are. Thank goodness you didn’t specify that palms had to be outwards ;) that could catch some people out if they do them up too tight palms-out! (is it even possible to tighten them like that without sitting on the cuffs?)

  • les

    think you should smoke whilst wearing speedcuffs

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