Video diary: VOPO handcuffs

Happy New Year!! As I am getting lots of positive feedback about my diary videos, I will continue to show you more cuffs from my collection. The only problem is that I will run out soon… :-) This time I will show you my high security VOPO handcuffs from Germany. I think these are quite rare as well, because they are rather old. They feel really nice on my wrists, and they are not as heavy as you might expect. Do you have any nice challenges for me and my VOPO handcuffs? Post them below or email me!!

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  • Ron

    Hi Chrissy: Love the VOPO handcuffs and assume you can escape from them. Real challenges come from when , where and how you escape. Try hidding a key at one end of a shopping mall or other public place. Handcuffing yourself in the VOPOs behing your back under a coat or cape so no one can see. Then walk the length of the mall in the cuffs to retreive the key. Return and then escape without being detected by anyone.

  • That is sooo cool :) Must try this!

  • Hi chrissy. Your vopo cuffs look really cool cuffs, they look realy nice to wear rounded edges. Could do a challange with anahi With other pairs of cuffs & the loser has to wear vopo handcuffs for a day. Have not seen a update using vopo handcuffs for long time. Mike x

  • Yes but I don’t trust the locks, they are very old and what if they don’t open again!

  • kittin

    Oh, you’ll get used to them!

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