Self cuffing Chrissy style!


Here is a very hard self cuffing example for you to try at home (always have a good friend stand by to rescue you)! I have spoken to a number of people who have tried this, and it’s very hard to escape. I cuff myself with 4 pairs of handcuffs to the bed and place the key BEHIND me! You can see the end position in the preview picture below. How will I get out? Well, I’m not going to tell you, you have to see for yourself. All I can say is the video ended up being quite long! I need to practise this one more!

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  • Ron

    Without even seeing the video which I will later I can garantee you would not get out of that if you were wearing a ballgag. Ha Ha

  • Andy

    You should fix the handcuffs from Your hands between these of Your feets and all cuffs between the two vertical bars. This would make it more complicated. If You’re still successful You can add thumbcuffs.
    I think the main risk is letting the key drop over the edge of the bed (especially with thumbcuffs), than no escape should be possible anymore.
    What happens when You have to give up? Do You have to “pay” for Your rescue?

  • CuffMe

    Hi Chrissie Cutie,

    you have the perfect bed for bondage play and you always look great in your cuffs.

    Best wishes from Germany.

  • ed

    Without even seeing the video which I will later I can garantee you would not get out of that if you were wearing a ballgag. Ha Ha

  • WheelinCuff

    Hey Chrissy, Even though you said this was hard you should try it backwards with your hands and legs lock behind you where your looking at the key. Can you do it or not?

  • Cuffman

    Hi Chriss

    I have a request!: Please can you put a ballgag on yourself, then cuff hands and feet to each end of the bed, I would love that!!!


  • Ron

    Chrissy: Great idea. You should exersize to get your sholders in shape for elbow cuffing. You are a muscular girl so the shoulders is where the problem lies. Start by clasping your hands together behind your back with the elbows locked. Lift your arms as high as you can and bend at the waist. Keep working on this and over time you should be able to raise your arms over your head this way. You can also try wearing the ankle cuffs on your elbows and using a padlock to shorten the chain. Over time keep shortening it until your muscles relax enough to use regular cuffs. Practice Practice

  • dylan

    you should lay on the bed facing upward and handcuff your hands to one end and then handcuff your feet to the other end. then put the key on your stomach. man that would be so awesome to see. could do that plz

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