Video diary: Smith & Wesson’s leg irons

Leg irons, leg cuffs, iron cuffs, ankle cuffs, iron leg cuffs, shackles, I never know the proper name of these things. I only have 1 pair in my collection, but they are the best! In this video I will show them to you. I also uploaded the video to YouTube, so no need to buy anything unless you want the HD version on your hard disk for future viewing (you never know when YouTube will delete my stuff). They have deleted stuff in the past. So get it while you can! I hope you like it, if anyone has suggestions for me and my leg irons, please email me!

Update: well, that didn’t take long, deleted from YouTube because of sexual content!! Ridiculous American hypocrits! LOL! I hope you were in time to view it…

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  • Michael

    Hi Mäuschen,

    nice video. Keep on working. Up to now I love the selfcuffing video most – but looking forward to get another favourite video soon ;-)

    Are you going to be at the BoundCon. Should go there.


  • Markus

    HI Chrissy,

    I missed it on youtube. I should have checked your site earlier ;-)
    It is really not fair, just because you are sexy to declare it sexual content. You are even fully dressed.


  • jeremy

    awsome but no socks on the hands yet:)

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